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Since the beginning of summer, I have been going all around Lebanon, and probably ate three good dozens of burgers. I went to Classic Burger Joint one or two times, had mini-burgers between two vodka lemons at Sporting, tasted Burger King’s California Whooper on my way back from the beach, paid a visit to St. Elmo’s on a lazy Sunday…There is no way I could remember all of the burgers I ate this summer but I’ll definitely remember the one I had last week, simply because it was the best I had in a very long time. I am not afraid to say it, this is probably the best burger you can get in Lebanon for the fairest price.

Garage 78 St. is a bar that opened very recently on the Alleyway street in Hamra. They have open draft beer for happy hour, good music, “we like you” discounts and three Burgers on their menu. We went there, ordered 3 Almaza and each of the Burgers: The Classic Cheese, The Southwest Cajun Ranch Burger and the Sloppy Joe.

The first one is the Sloppy Joe, a mixture of ground beef, tomato and probably onions served in a hamburger bun. It constituted a good appetizer, and was priced at 15000 LBP. Enough to fill you up before starting to drink like a picky in Hamra


Then comes the second burger,a Classic Cheese. It is made of cheddar cheese, tomatoes, fresh lettuce and a divine amount of medium-rare cooked home grounded beef (yeah that’s a lot of adjectives). The recipe is extremely simple, but the meat is extraordinary (above every piece of meat that I have tasted in Lebanon, including brgr. Co), the ingredients are fresh, and, as a result, the burger is excellent!


The Southwest Cajun Ranch Burger is even better: Take the Classic Cheese you just ate, and add to that bacon, jalapeños, Ranch Dressing and onion rings. Considering the quality of the ingredients, as well as the perfect ratio of bun to patty (good enough to hold everything together and low enough not to encroach on the meat’s taste) and of patty to toppings, this burger is probably one of the best I have had this summer. You want to know its price? 18000 LBP. Cheaper than all of the other places justifying their high price tags for high quality meat…(you know who am I talking about)


So bottom line. GO to Garage 78 St., on happy hour, pay 14$ for open draft beer and order the Southwest Cajun Ranch Burger, you will thank me for that. Actually, writing this post made me so hungry that I’m going there at 6. Cheers amigos!



Free Burgers at Bodo. Did not try them yet, just spreading the word!

Classic Burger Joint  is celebrating its 2nd anniversary this month, so I guess it might be a good time to review what has probably become Beirut’s most talked about burger.

From one little joint in Sodeco, Classic Burger Joint expanded, throughtout the past two years, into a well developped chain, now counting 5 Branches (that’s including the soon-to-be-opened Hamra branch) and a delivery center.

I will go straight to the point with this one: I’m pretty sure CBJ offers the best burger in beirut. What makes it so good?

Well, first of all you have the buns,very soft yet consistent, freshely baked. Then you get fresh toppings, tasty sauces, melting cheddar-cheese. I guess the only weak point at CBJ is the patty, maybe it is not big enough, maybe it is not juicy enough…But apparently they did notice it and are now offering 180 grms patties, which I didn’t have the time nor the apetite to taste until now.

Concerning the fries, it seems they’re switching their recipe every once in a while. I personnally preferred  the very first ones.

What else makes Classic Burger Joint a nice place to have a burger? Friendly atmosphere (Teta, Fady, Moudy, Beshara, Firas…you guys rocks!), smoke-free environment, and good rock’n’roll music as well!

One last thing…if you’re going to CBJ anytime soon, skip on the menu and ask for a Lebanese.


Now one last thing, what is your favorite burger at CBJ?