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It can happen sometimes that we have something very special to celebrate that we want our lunch to fit the occasion. Having recently graduated, I found this event to be a good excuse for having a little gourmet burger. I have been hearing recently about a 240g (8 oz.) meat patty being flipped at Cro Magnon, Zaytuna Bay’s renown steakhouse. They offer this burger only for lunch, and it is part of a three-courses menu, served for 67500 LBP.

The Burger served at Cro Magnon is called the black burger: 240g of black angus meat, stuffed with emmental and cheddar. Add to this wild greens, trap all of the above between two brown mutli-grain buns and you’ve got Cro Magnon’s noble burger: the black burger


I ordered the black burger to my preference, medium rare. After a good 20 minutes of waiting, comes an impressively huge burger, along with golden french fries, ketchup and mustard sauce. The meat’s savor, disseminating over the lower bun, could not do anything but captivate our taste buds. I also enjoyed the hot peppery flavor that was  coming out of the burger. However, it was not specified on the menu, and if one doesn’t like hot flavors, he will definitely be disappointed by this burger.

The bottom line is that Cro Magnon’s black burger is definitely a great burger, for any of your special occasion, may it be a selfish pleasure, a celebration or a business lunch. Considering the fact that the price includes a starter and a dessert, it is not that expensive. In a better world, the black burger would include a greater choice of additional toppings, such as grilled onions, sauteed mushrooms or another kind of cheese…

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