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In’n’Out Burger, adulated by many people as the Holy Grail of all fast-food burgers…It is time for The Burger Tribune to write about this!

In’n’Out Burger opened its first branch in 1984 and rapidly expanded all across California, counting today nearly 300 restaurants across the West Coast. The secret behind In’n’Out popularity among burger enthusiasts: staying true to your values. Born Californian, the company stayed under family-management for more than thirty years, is using fresh beef patties each day and proposes a very simple menu to his clients:

I had the chance to grab a double-double during my stay in San Francisco In January 2012. I ordered it with a Dr. Pepper and, while the french fries were a bit undercooked, the burger was definitely a winner. Fresh, simple yet very tasty, made with quality ingredients. That’s what you would expect from a traditional fast-food, no fancy sauces, no extravagant buns or toppings, just a fresh burger that will satisfy your hunger, and that’s what you get at In’n’Out.

In addition to the very rudimentary menu displayed in each of In’n’Out’s branch, the restaurant also proposes a “secret menu”  that is becoming these days less and less secret. Some of the most popular items are even displayed on the company’s website under the section “our not-so-secret menu” . For example, if you order your burger “animal style”, you will get extra grilled onions, mustard sauce on the patty and pickles, same if you order your fries “animal style”.
If you ask for a “protein style” , it will be wrapped in a lettuce leaf insted of the paper pictured here.

Ask for a 3×3, and you will get 3 beef patties and 3 slices of cheddar…

There are approximately 20 secret items at In’n’Out burger, you can find them all here, what’s your favorite?


How exciting would it be to taste a burger made in the 1920s? Let me take you on a trip to the early 20th century United States of America

We are in 1927. Of course at that time we didn’t have any internet, and I guess World War I wasn’t called World War I since they didn’t know there would be a World War II. Anyway, we are in Los Angeles and a tiny woodhouse just opened its doors on West Pico Bld. What’s on the menu? An Apple Pie and a Hamburger.

Since 1927, the tiny woodhouse stayed true to its value. Today, they are serving the exact same recipe that made their Steakburger famous to the inhabitants of Los Angeles. Only in 1947, they introduced a Hickory Sauce Burger to the menu. Nothing changed ever since (or maybe the price!)

1947 Hickory Burger

Don’t expect fancy ingredients, fluorescent galsses or deluxe cocktails. At the Apple Pan, burgers come wrapped in paper, drinks are served in cardboard cones.

1927 Steakburger

The Apple Pan, eventhough being an excellent burger, is definitely not the best i’ve had in my life. But in these kinds of situation, you realize there’s more to burgers than burgers. The leather smell of the seats, the old grumpy cook flipping some patties…For these reasons, The Apple Pan is one mandatory stop for every one that comes to LA.

“Umami, popularly referred to as savoriness, is one of the five basic tastes together with sweet, sour, bitter, and salty. Umami is a loanword from the Japanese umami (うま味) meaning “pleasant savory taste”” 
Source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

So according to the Japanese, there is a fifth taste. According to the Californians,  you can make burgers out of it. GQ Magazine chose Umami Burger as the Burger of the Year 2011. The branch opened 7 locations across Los Angeles and San Francisco during the last two years.  I had the opportunity to try it while travelling in the United States last-month. Enough talking, let’s see the beast…

This is the Signature Burger, I also tasted a truffle burger on my second visit there. I didn’t find anything special in this burger, I couldn’t even tell there was a fifth taste. But holy shit, that was one of the best burgers I’ve had in my life. Even my mother who hates burgers loved it. The patty is perfectly cooked, medium-rare, the bun is sweet and tender, the beer they proposed as a match for the signature burger was perfect, and even the sweet potato fries that didn’t attract me much at first turned out to be extremely addictive…
So if ever you’re passing by California, this place is a must. 16$ for what you can consider to be a gourmet burger is not that expensive

Score: 9/10 (Why would I start a burger blog if I had already found the perfect burger…)

PS: If you wonder how does the umami is supposed to taste like, chew two cherry tomatoes for 30 seconds and you should be able to feel the umami taste inside your cheeks!