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It can happen sometimes that we have something very special to celebrate that we want our lunch to fit the occasion. Having recently graduated, I found this event to be a good excuse for having a little gourmet burger. I have been hearing recently about a 240g (8 oz.) meat patty being flipped at Cro Magnon, Zaytuna Bay’s renown steakhouse. They offer this burger only for lunch, and it is part of a three-courses menu, served for 67500 LBP.

The Burger served at Cro Magnon is called the black burger: 240g of black angus meat, stuffed with emmental and cheddar. Add to this wild greens, trap all of the above between two brown mutli-grain buns and you’ve got Cro Magnon’s noble burger: the black burger


I ordered the black burger to my preference, medium rare. After a good 20 minutes of waiting, comes an impressively huge burger, along with golden french fries, ketchup and mustard sauce. The meat’s savor, disseminating over the lower bun, could not do anything but captivate our taste buds. I also enjoyed the hot peppery flavor that was  coming out of the burger. However, it was not specified on the menu, and if one doesn’t like hot flavors, he will definitely be disappointed by this burger.

The bottom line is that Cro Magnon’s black burger is definitely a great burger, for any of your special occasion, may it be a selfish pleasure, a celebration or a business lunch. Considering the fact that the price includes a starter and a dessert, it is not that expensive. In a better world, the black burger would include a greater choice of additional toppings, such as grilled onions, sauteed mushrooms or another kind of cheese…

Cro Magnon’s Facebook Page:

BRGR Co. has been on the list of Burgers I wanted to review on this blog for a long time. However, I was very busy in the past months and did not have the time to grab a bite of their Black Angus burger. Well, as the saying goes, “Good things come to those who wait”, I received an email from the BRGR Co. team inviting me to come for lunch.

The restaurant’s menu is prepared by Chef Hussein Hadid. They offer 3 sizes of Beef patties (4, 6 and 8 oz.) and the burger is served with fries and extra toppings you can choose to add or not to your burger. On the other hand, brgr co. also serves special burgers on a punctual basis, but the menu remains very classic, focusing mainly on the quality of the ingredients.

As they told me at BRGR Co., they have “no freezer, except for the ice-cream”. Indeed, the ingredients all seem very fresh and I enjoyed every bite of my burger. The bun was soft on the outside and just a bit toasted on the inside, the beef was cooked exactly to my request (Yes, you can choose how would you like your beef to be cooked). However, for BRGR Co. to become a perfect burger (if there is such thing as a perfect burger…), I would like to add more toppings, such as jalopeños, or sauteed mushrooms to go with the swiss cheese.

The Bottom line is that BRGR Co. is a burger of top quality (for those saying it is expensive, well you  definitely get what you pay for), but remains however a bit sober. If you are reading this, Chef Hadid, I think we would alel love something a bit more risky in the future, keep us updated!

I would like to thank Amy for the invitation to Brgr Co. Hope you have a nice time readi this review!

Our friends at Viral Juice also made a finger lickin’ good video clip for BRGR. Co

Viral Juice

For your information, BRGR Co. is located on Abdel Wahab street in Achrafieh and this is their facebook page:

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New reviews to come soon…stay posted!

In’n’Out Burger, adulated by many people as the Holy Grail of all fast-food burgers…It is time for The Burger Tribune to write about this!

In’n’Out Burger opened its first branch in 1984 and rapidly expanded all across California, counting today nearly 300 restaurants across the West Coast. The secret behind In’n’Out popularity among burger enthusiasts: staying true to your values. Born Californian, the company stayed under family-management for more than thirty years, is using fresh beef patties each day and proposes a very simple menu to his clients:

I had the chance to grab a double-double during my stay in San Francisco In January 2012. I ordered it with a Dr. Pepper and, while the french fries were a bit undercooked, the burger was definitely a winner. Fresh, simple yet very tasty, made with quality ingredients. That’s what you would expect from a traditional fast-food, no fancy sauces, no extravagant buns or toppings, just a fresh burger that will satisfy your hunger, and that’s what you get at In’n’Out.

In addition to the very rudimentary menu displayed in each of In’n’Out’s branch, the restaurant also proposes a “secret menu”  that is becoming these days less and less secret. Some of the most popular items are even displayed on the company’s website under the section “our not-so-secret menu” . For example, if you order your burger “animal style”, you will get extra grilled onions, mustard sauce on the patty and pickles, same if you order your fries “animal style”.
If you ask for a “protein style” , it will be wrapped in a lettuce leaf insted of the paper pictured here.

Ask for a 3×3, and you will get 3 beef patties and 3 slices of cheddar…

There are approximately 20 secret items at In’n’Out burger, you can find them all here, what’s your favorite?

The Moldy Peaches – These Burgers

Any other burger song you’re thinking about?

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