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TheBurgerTribune was invited yesterday for a Sunset Tweetup at St. Elmo’s Seaside Brasserie, a Sea-food restaurant that recently opened its doors in Zaytuna Bay. The place, unlike many of Zaytouna Bay’s other restaurant, is very chill and welcoming. They serve a huge variety of sea-food (That Salmone Tartare…), wonderful deserts, and a wide range of Mojitos.

We also could taste a sample of what appears like an Alien on a Sea-Food restaurant’s menu (and that’s why it’s featured here on theburgertribune), their burger: We were served Classic mini-cheeseburgers made of beef patty, aged cheddar cheese, raw onions, lettuce and tomatoes that tasted pretty good!

On the other hand St. Elmo’s serves a real Burger that will definitely satisfy your hunger, made with prime Angus Beef and topped with aged cheddar and MacSauce

Even if you don’t go to St. Elmo’s for their Burgers, you can still go there to catch the Sunset and relax with some mojitos (I’ve also heard they’re doing happy hours…)

Their Facebook page:


Frosty Palace opened its doors in February 2012 in Mar Mikhael, Beirut. If that name doesn’t ring you a bell, it is the place where Danny & Sandy, the two main characters of the movie Grease hang out:


For those of you who have seen the movie, well, you know what to expect: Burgers & Milkshakes. Frosty Palace (we’re talking about the Lebanese one) serves Brunch, Salads, Sandwiches and Hamburgers.


The burger pictured above is the “Frosty’s Burger”: 170g Australian Beef, medium cooked, salad, tomato, mayonnaise. You can add cheddar cheese, emmental as well as Bacon.

Frosty Palace’s idea of a good burger is definitely good meat. The patty is perfectly cooked, generous and tasty. However, I’m not sure that it justifies a price of 20 000 LL, excluding french fries and extras you might want to add. Plus, I did not get any sauce and they mentionned a homemade mayonnaise on their menu.

Concerning the Milkshakes, they start at 12 000 LL. Therefore I chose a carrot juice

To sum it up, Frosty Palace’s Burger looks gorgeous. If you want quality meat, you can’t go wrong by choosing this place. However, it is a little pricey, especially when we look at the milkshakes. On a brighter note, Frosty Palace seems to be introducing temporary burgers on a regular basis. Keep checking their facebook page for more info

Review: Lazy B

Posted: May 4, 2012 in Reviews
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Guess what…May has just begun and we can already say summer is back in Lebanon! Beaches, Open-air parties, Beer…you get the picture! While I was at Lazy B today, I had the occasion to taste their Cheeseburger. It looks pretty good on the paper (Homemade Brazilian beef, lettuce, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, coleslaw…) and even better on the picture!

For 17 000 LBP you get a pretty good cheeseburger, with soft buns, a respectable patty, loads of melting cheddar cheese. However, concerning the fries, I couldn’t think of any attributes besides undercooked, not salty enough…

I guess that, the Burger being pretty good for a “Beach Burger”, and the setting just awesome, good fries might just be to much asking.

I’ll leave you with a Beach Boys song, and I hope you guys will enjoy this summer! Cheers.

PS: If any of you knows a really good Beach Burger, just let me know!

How exciting would it be to taste a burger made in the 1920s? Let me take you on a trip to the early 20th century United States of America

We are in 1927. Of course at that time we didn’t have any internet, and I guess World War I wasn’t called World War I since they didn’t know there would be a World War II. Anyway, we are in Los Angeles and a tiny woodhouse just opened its doors on West Pico Bld. What’s on the menu? An Apple Pie and a Hamburger.

Since 1927, the tiny woodhouse stayed true to its value. Today, they are serving the exact same recipe that made their Steakburger famous to the inhabitants of Los Angeles. Only in 1947, they introduced a Hickory Sauce Burger to the menu. Nothing changed ever since (or maybe the price!)

1947 Hickory Burger

Don’t expect fancy ingredients, fluorescent galsses or deluxe cocktails. At the Apple Pan, burgers come wrapped in paper, drinks are served in cardboard cones.

1927 Steakburger

The Apple Pan, eventhough being an excellent burger, is definitely not the best i’ve had in my life. But in these kinds of situation, you realize there’s more to burgers than burgers. The leather smell of the seats, the old grumpy cook flipping some patties…For these reasons, The Apple Pan is one mandatory stop for every one that comes to LA.

Classic Burger Joint  is celebrating its 2nd anniversary this month, so I guess it might be a good time to review what has probably become Beirut’s most talked about burger.

From one little joint in Sodeco, Classic Burger Joint expanded, throughtout the past two years, into a well developped chain, now counting 5 Branches (that’s including the soon-to-be-opened Hamra branch) and a delivery center.

I will go straight to the point with this one: I’m pretty sure CBJ offers the best burger in beirut. What makes it so good?

Well, first of all you have the buns,very soft yet consistent, freshely baked. Then you get fresh toppings, tasty sauces, melting cheddar-cheese. I guess the only weak point at CBJ is the patty, maybe it is not big enough, maybe it is not juicy enough…But apparently they did notice it and are now offering 180 grms patties, which I didn’t have the time nor the apetite to taste until now.

Concerning the fries, it seems they’re switching their recipe every once in a while. I personnally preferred  the very first ones.

What else makes Classic Burger Joint a nice place to have a burger? Friendly atmosphere (Teta, Fady, Moudy, Beshara, Firas…you guys rocks!), smoke-free environment, and good rock’n’roll music as well!

One last thing…if you’re going to CBJ anytime soon, skip on the menu and ask for a Lebanese.


Now one last thing, what is your favorite burger at CBJ?

There has been a lot of talking going on recently about Roadster’s new menu, and especially about their new Cheese-at-Heart. So what makes a burger so cheesy?

With this one, Roadster tried to double the pleasure. Besides the very Classic slice of cheddar that rests on the patty, they stuffed the said patty with more cheese, hence the name “Cheese at Heart”.

Just for your information, Roadster is not the first Lebanese burger joint to propose a stuffed-cheese burger. Indeed, Classic Burger Joint was selling it, until recently, in their “secret” menu. I will soon list all of the secret burgers of CBJ, but that’s another story…

So, back to our contestant of the day. What did I think of the Cheese-at-heart? Well, I left Roadster a bit disappointed. I like my patties juicy, and the Cheese-at-Heart was rather spongy. And I really don’t understand why did Roadster added fries-chips as part of the toppings in the burger.

In their defense, I have never came across a good (of course this is very subjective) Cheese-stuffed burger. In my opinion, patties are somewhat sacred and should not be stuffed with anything, except minor add-ons like peppercorns

So far, I had enjoyed all of Roadsters Burgers, from the hot cuban to the mozarella burger, but Roadster somewhat got it wrong with this one.

What is your opinion?

Roadster’s facebook page:

Burger Bites opened its doors at the end of 2011 in Monot. The idea behind Burger Bites was to create a new concept that would allow them to emerge from the bulk of burger joints that populate  Beirut nowadays…
The little eatery proposes 8 Different mini-burgers, approximately the size of a tennis ball, plus an extra sweet nutella burger.

Before trying out Burger Bites, I was really pessimistic about what would their burgers taste like. I was expecting a fade bun, tasteless patties, and waffle fries that, judging from the pictures, were coming straight out of a bag of buffies…

And let me tell you, I was totally wrong!

Actually, I was pretty amazed at how much diversity of taste you could get from a so little burger! I’ve tried the Jalapeno, the Brie, the Chicken and the I’m so Blue. The Beef patties were definitely better than the Chicken ones and all this melting cheese was simply delicious. Actually, I found the Blue Cheese Burger (to which I added Bacon) to taste much better than the one from Classic Burger Joint! Concerning the fries, they were pretty good, but we’ve seen better. +1 for the originality! I will certainly be coming back for the Burger Boat (They serve an 8-burgers combo for the sum of 32 000 LBP)