Review: Sea Way’ Okaibe

Posted: August 23, 2012 in Reviews

Last Monday was a National Holiday in Lebanon. Free as birds, me and my friend decided to take our bicycles for some well needed exercise (when you eat so many burgers, you somewhat need to find a balance…). We rode along the sea road, and all the way to a small fishermen village called Okaibe, a few kilometers before Jbeil, where we rested at a wonderful place called “Seaway” and where I also ate a “Beach Burger” (After 25km under the sun, I could authorize myself…)


So first of all, the beach. We felt in love with the place. The sea is very clean, the music is top (Rolling Stones, The Doors…), and the entrance fee is only 10000 LBP. A very Batroun-like beach that is yet closer to Beirut.
Now after 25km on a bike, what can be more rewarding than a good Hamburger. For 6500 LBP, they offer the Beach Burger. It is very Lebanese (i.e. full of coleslaw) and was cooked right in front of me. I added a slice of cheddar, requested some tomatoes and voila. My Burger on the beach, with a bottle of Almaza, we’ve got a winning combo over here. Even though the meat was frozen, and the burger had nothing spectacular, the atmosphere and my hunger state made it a great experience. Will definitely come back



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