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Posted: July 3, 2012 in Reviews
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BRGR Co. has been on the list of Burgers I wanted to review on this blog for a long time. However, I was very busy in the past months and did not have the time to grab a bite of their Black Angus burger. Well, as the saying goes, “Good things come to those who wait”, I received an email from the BRGR Co. team inviting me to come for lunch.

The restaurant’s menu is prepared by Chef Hussein Hadid. They offer 3 sizes of Beef patties (4, 6 and 8 oz.) and the burger is served with fries and extra toppings you can choose to add or not to your burger. On the other hand, brgr co. also serves special burgers on a punctual basis, but the menu remains very classic, focusing mainly on the quality of the ingredients.

As they told me at BRGR Co., they have “no freezer, except for the ice-cream”. Indeed, the ingredients all seem very fresh and I enjoyed every bite of my burger. The bun was soft on the outside and just a bit toasted on the inside, the beef was cooked exactly to my request (Yes, you can choose how would you like your beef to be cooked). However, for BRGR Co. to become a perfect burger (if there is such thing as a perfect burger…), I would like to add more toppings, such as jalopeños, or sauteed mushrooms to go with the swiss cheese.

The Bottom line is that BRGR Co. is a burger of top quality (for those saying it is expensive, well you  definitely get what you pay for), but remains however a bit sober. If you are reading this, Chef Hadid, I think we would alel love something a bit more risky in the future, keep us updated!

I would like to thank Amy for the invitation to Brgr Co. Hope you have a nice time readi this review!

Our friends at Viral Juice also made a finger lickin’ good video clip for BRGR. Co

Viral Juice

For your information, BRGR Co. is located on Abdel Wahab street in Achrafieh and this is their facebook page:

  1. Amy says:

    Dear Burger Tribune,

    First and foremost, it was a pleasure having you over!! Hope this is one of many great returns…

    We thank you for your awesome review, and we’re happy that you saw the freshness and quality that’s linked to the Brgr co. name!!

    It was our code of honor from day one to provide Beirut or any of the cities we have plans to open shops inn with a proper hamburger house which has methods of preparation that are far higher than anyone would expect. We only use Superior Chilled Black Angus Beef imported straight from Australia, and blend the cuts through our own team of Butchers on a daily basis. So Brgrs are made fresh, so are the buns and accompanying condiments. We can cater to your cooking degree of preference on this account…

    As a perception, as you’ve mentioned, we are sought to be more expensive…but in reality were not!! We just have thicker patties, made with higher quality blends of meat to cater for medium rare and medium clients. Our basic 4oz Brgr is a 120g Black Angus Brgr blended to cater for the medium well to well done client and it’s the most competitive in terms of price and value.

    One last note, we have all the sautéed mushrooms and jalapeño peppers that you would have wished for at the shop; our appologise if no one specified so…you will soon see them highlighted on our new menu.

    This year, Chef Hadid flew to Alba, got us white truffles and we sold Wagyu beef brgrs topped shaved white truffles and provolone cheese at 150usd a Brgr. We thought this was crazy!! Clients loved it and we’re willing to go the extra mile, (the extra,extra mile!!!) because the experience linked with A Gourmet Brgr was worth it….

    We look forward to having you over and over again, hopefully in our new Beirut Souks location in August!! Or in a surprise city which we haven’t yet disclosed…but will let you know ahead of time!!

    Check out the Brgr co. Video:

    With best regards,

    Brgr co.

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