Review: The Apple Pan

Posted: April 12, 2012 in Reviews
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How exciting would it be to taste a burger made in the 1920s? Let me take you on a trip to the early 20th century United States of America

We are in 1927. Of course at that time we didn’t have any internet, and I guess World War I wasn’t called World War I since they didn’t know there would be a World War II. Anyway, we are in Los Angeles and a tiny woodhouse just opened its doors on West Pico Bld. What’s on the menu? An Apple Pie and a Hamburger.

Since 1927, the tiny woodhouse stayed true to its value. Today, they are serving the exact same recipe that made their Steakburger famous to the inhabitants of Los Angeles. Only in 1947, they introduced a Hickory Sauce Burger to the menu. Nothing changed ever since (or maybe the price!)

1947 Hickory Burger

Don’t expect fancy ingredients, fluorescent galsses or deluxe cocktails. At the Apple Pan, burgers come wrapped in paper, drinks are served in cardboard cones.

1927 Steakburger

The Apple Pan, eventhough being an excellent burger, is definitely not the best i’ve had in my life. But in these kinds of situation, you realize there’s more to burgers than burgers. The leather smell of the seats, the old grumpy cook flipping some patties…For these reasons, The Apple Pan is one mandatory stop for every one that comes to LA.


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