Review: Burger Bites

Posted: March 27, 2012 in Reviews
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Burger Bites opened its doors at the end of 2011 in Monot. The idea behind Burger Bites was to create a new concept that would allow them to emerge from the bulk of burger joints that populate  Beirut nowadays…
The little eatery proposes 8 Different mini-burgers, approximately the size of a tennis ball, plus an extra sweet nutella burger.

Before trying out Burger Bites, I was really pessimistic about what would their burgers taste like. I was expecting a fade bun, tasteless patties, and waffle fries that, judging from the pictures, were coming straight out of a bag of buffies…

And let me tell you, I was totally wrong!

Actually, I was pretty amazed at how much diversity of taste you could get from a so little burger! I’ve tried the Jalapeno, the Brie, the Chicken and the I’m so Blue. The Beef patties were definitely better than the Chicken ones and all this melting cheese was simply delicious. Actually, I found the Blue Cheese Burger (to which I added Bacon) to taste much better than the one from Classic Burger Joint! Concerning the fries, they were pretty good, but we’ve seen better. +1 for the originality! I will certainly be coming back for the Burger Boat (They serve an 8-burgers combo for the sum of 32 000 LBP)

  1. LebFood says:

    I do agree with you, the beef patties are much better than the chicken ones… i am trying to figure out why.. is it because we compare them with the beef burgers ?
    Need to re-try them separately one day and see *taste pannel hired*

    • Well, first of all thanks for your comment!
      I don’t really think it’s a matter of comparison. Actually the Chicken Patties are delicious at some other burger joints. (cbj may be one of them)
      On the other hand, the beef patties at Burger Bites are perfectly cooked, medium rare, so they remain juicy and tasty. I’m not an expert at flipping patties, but I guess smaller patties are easier to cook thank bigger ones. Cheers

      • LebFood says:

        well, now i disagree, cause when i tried them, my comment was “smaller patties need less time cooking” as i did not get my ideal BIG FAT JUICY patty .. so that’s nice if they changed them. And, their smaller size, would increase there probability of the patties being overcooked in a shorter time .. So they need more delicate handling..
        What i noticed from Burger Bites chicken is that the bread:chicken ratio should be different..
        I am a huge burger fan, usually beef burgers, so that’s why, i liked their beef bites more than the chicken ones.

  2. Well, maybe we should open another debate on how to cook beef patties haha, but I still believe smaller patties are easier to handle. If you wait too much for your large patty to be perfectly cooked, you will risk burning it while these small patties will be cooked in less than a minute…I guess it’s two different extremes, and each one has its constraints.
    You do have a good point on the chicken/bread ratio, I didn’t think of that. I will have clearer ideas after trying the burger boat…

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