Review: Smokey O’z

Posted: March 17, 2012 in Reviews

For the first review of the blog, I chose Smokey O’z. Located just behind Sassine Square, this place opened its doors around 2010, and we first tried it in February 2011. We ordered the Mushroom’n’Swiss, The Lucky O’z and The Big Bad Wolf, which seems to be their masterpiece. What you get from Smokey O’z is quantity: Big Burgers (half-pounder patties), lots of extras and a good portion of fries. You can also “customize” your burger by adding all sorts of ingredients, from guacamole to halloumi (!?!) and aubergines. The burger there was pretty good, but not amazing, it lacked a bit of sophistication you could find in other burger joints, especially considering that it was not very cheap. (expect to pay 20 000 LBP for your burger, fries and a soft drink, without adding extras)

The Lucky O’z

The Mushroom’n’Swiss

The Big Bad Wolf

If you want to know more about Smokey O’z:


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